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Media Appearances

Roseanne World featuring Roseanne Barr

Aired:  December 26, 2012

CNN Starting Point

Blogger on her findings regarding the Steubenville rape case she brought to light using social media

Aired:  January 3, 2013


Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien 

Aired:  January 3, 2013

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Investigation on Ohio Rape Case Still Ongoing; Sex and Lies Exposed in Arias Trial

Aired January 7, 2013 – 19:00   ET

The Dr. Phil Show

Football, Booze & Bad Behavior

Aired:  January 17, 2013

Piers Morgan – CNN

Aired: March 15, 2013

Democracy Now

Aired: March 18, 2013

20/20 ABC

Steubenville: After the Party’s Over (S2013E14 )

Aired: March 22, 2013

Chicago – FOX News 32

Aired: Apr 09, 2013 6:50 AM PST


Segment on Serena Williams discussions regarding Steubenville rape victim

Aired:June 20, 2013

HAVEN and NOMAS (The National Organization of Men Against Sexism)  

Forging Justice: Creating Safe, Equal and Accountable Communities Conference

Detroit, MI

Presented Workshop and Plenary Panel

August 8, 9 and 10, 2013 

Robert Morris University

March 20, 2013

Department of Communication

Sessions on censorship, the first amendment in reference to the Steubenville High School rape case, documentaries, the role of media in communication and more.

Online Publications/References

Alexandria Goddard has assisted and provided information and social media analysis to several scholars, as well as providing pro bono consulting to documentary filmmakers on the subject of bystander effect and the effects of social media when used in criminal acts.


We Wouldn’t Know About the Steubenville Rape Case If It Wasn’t for the Blogger Who ‘Complicated’ Things

December 17, 2012


Steubenville’s Legacy: How a Rape Case in Ohio Could Change History

January 8, 2013

New York Magazine

Roseanne Barr and Anonymous Take on Ohio Rape Case

Author: Kat Stoeffel

January 4, 2013

The Times of India

The US has its own Nirbhaya

Author:  Prema Naraynen

January 10, 2013

FOX 8 Cleveland

Steubenville Rape Case Under Way

Author:  Lindsay Buckhingham

March 13, 2013

Chelsea J. Carter, CNN

Steubenville Rape Case Under Way

March 13, 2013

The New York Times

How Blogger Helped the Steubenville Rape Case Unfold Online

Author:  Jennifer Preston

March 18, 2013 

Center for Media and Democracy PRwatch.org

Author:  Meher Ahmad

The Steubenville Case: Social Media Plays Role in the Prosecution of a Rape Case

March 21, 2013

New Statesman

The Steubenville trial is over, but what drove a group of teenagers to “live-blog” a rape?

Author:  Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

March 22, 2013

Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case


Party for Socialism and Liberation

Steubenville in Context

March 28, 2013

Fabulous Magazine (UK)

The Dark Side of Social Media

Authors:  Julie Moult & Gayle Schoales

May 2013

Esquire Magazine

I Am Anonymous

Author:  John H. Richardson

October 14, 2013

Rolling Stone Magazine

Anonymous vs. Steubenville

Author:  David Kuschner

November 27, 2013

Al Jazeera

Why the hacktivist network Anonymous is taking on rape

Author: Aaron Ernst

October 17, 2013

Al Jazeera

Who done it? Citizen investigators mine social media for crime clues

Author:  Virginia Pelley

June 7, 2014


Steubenville city officials launch blog to share the “most accurate information” on rape case

Author: Prachi Gupta

January 6, 2013


Convicted Steubenville rapist is out of detention and back on the field

Author:  Jenny Kutner

August 11, 2014


Steubenville hasn’t changed at all: “You trying to write about that whole rape thing?”

Author:  Emma Goldberg

November 30, 2014

Documentary Film Attribution

BBC2 – Current Affairs


Blurred Lines – The New Battle of the Sexes

Aired May 8,  2014

Brett Biellberg

Harvard University

Suzanne Brogger, Documentary Producer 

A Failure to Protect   

Release date:  Pending

Nancy Schwartzman, Documentary Filmmaker

Consultant & Appearance in documentary


Release date: January 2017

Academic Attributions

Zoe Lee-Chiong

Colorado Academy

“Rape Me”: The Role of Social Media in the Steubenville Incident

May 20, 2013

Taylor McElroy

San Francisco State University

Domestic Violence Discourse: An Exploration

September 2013

Marc Randazza, Esq.

First Amendment Attorney

Steubenville, Ohio: Gang Rape + SLAPP Suit

December 2, 2012

Evan Rau

University of Montana School of Broadcasting

Ethics & Trends in News Media

October 2013

Stony Brook University

HDV102.26 – Photography for the Masses

Undergraduate College Seminar, Spring 2014

University of Ontario Institute of Technology 

Social Sciences and Humanities

Victim Blaming and Rape Culture: How the Rape Case of Steubenville, Ohio was Impacted by Twitter

Author:  Amy Breedon

March 2014

Victim Support Service Incorporated (South Australia)

Using Information & Communication Technologies to Support Victims/Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault:  Opportunities and Challenges 

Authors:  Stevie McLay & Victoria Laughton

David Heineman

Steubenville documentary currently untitled

Release April 2015

Rita Lawrence

University of Florida

Contribution of material for educational material on bystander intervention

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